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KAANJJ Supports

Kaanjj is a socially and environmentally conscious brand, one that is committed to giving back and making a difference. At our core, we seek to embody the values of sustainability, growth, upliftment and ascension, not only at work - via innovation in our creations, choice of materials, and promotion of art forms but also in our CSR initiatives. We support two organisations, one aimed at the upliftment of the underprivileged and the other that seeks to address deforestation and is aimed at restoring balance between us and our environment.

Childlife Preserve Shishur Sevay

Each year, a percentage of our profits is dedicated to Childlife Preserve Shishur Sevay, an organisation based out of Kolkata, India that works toward providing non-institutional, group homes to orphaned and disabled girls in India.

Founded in 2006, this organisation has been helping young girls with severe disabilities that have been abandoned by their families and have little hope for adoption or of living a normal life. Shishur Sevay is dedicated to providing these under-privileged children with a safe haven where they ‘can thrive, not just survive’ and providing them with a positive environment where they are cared for, nurtured and educated.

Their programs focus on inclusive education, inclusive living, providing high quality medical care to girls with severe diseases or disabilities and other cultural programs. Their most recent achievement is opening a Children’s Smart Centre in their community, a free inclusive play school with activity-based learning for underprivileged children to prepare them for schooling. The teachers at this school are girls, including the ones with disabilities, who’ve grown up at Shishur Sevay – a truly inspirational endeavour.

The founder, Dr. Michelle Harrison is an American physician and author leader in women’s health, who has made Kolkata her home for over a decade and who has dedicated that time to caring of children that society rejected and providing them with hope and a future. For more details on Childlife Preserve Shishur Sevay please visit their website

At Kaanjj we offer world-wide shipping that creates a carbon footprint. We are conscious of this impact and had have made it a mission to internalise ‘green values’ in our organisation by reducing wastage, using minimal packaging and using only sustainable, bio-degradable / recyclable and 100% plastic-free, packaging made out natural materials like tapioca starch, other vegetable oil derivatives and residual waste of linen and flax fibres.

Devrai Foundation

Further, for each sale made at Kaanjj, we have pledged to plant a tree seedling at the Ashram Site of Vedic Heritage in Lonavala, Maharastra, India. This activity will be executed in partnership with the Devrai Foundation, a plant conservation and research organisation, based out of Pune, India. The foundation’s key objectives are to re-create Devrai, i.e sacred groves (forests), using indigenous species of plants and planting them in a specific manner and to create awareness about the importance of these forests. These groves serve as a natural habitat for all kinds of fauna and flora that co-exist in harmony and represent a near prefect ecological balance. Kaanjj supports this endeavour to help green our planet and make a positive and sustainable difference to climate change. For more details on the Devrai Foundation please visit their website and their facebook page.

“Kaanjj, provides us with a platform to express ourselves creatively that allows us to work with brands that are committed to creating ethically. It is also a medium for us to support our communities, and dedicate resources to causes that are close to our heart. Our products are carefully and mindfully put together and have been especially curated for the conscious consumer of today”. - Sonal & Karnika Kisnadwala.

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