Wear the story.

Welcome to the Kisnadwala closet. Welcome to KAANJJ, born from our love of art, history and the world around us. 

Living in Mumbai, Hong Kong, New York and London has given us a special appreciation of authentic, accessible fashion which also informs our philosophy. 

Crafted by emerging, independent South Asian designers from beautiful fabrics, our meticulously curated collection is composed of clothing and accessories that make a bold, unique statement about the style and elegance of the wearer.

Timeless sense of style
Slow sustainable fashion
Weaves that tell stories

As a mother and daughter team, heritage is at the heart of all we do. That’s why we are delighted to present the designs of artisan makers who bring the KAANJJ collection to vibrant life through intricate methods passed down by their ancestors. 

This connection between then and now is part of what makes KAANJJ much more than a marketplace – each piece is a hidden treasure just waiting to be discovered. 

You can also see past and present reflected in the way our collection fuses our own family heritage with contemporary trends – combining East and West, functional and festive, the elegant and the timeless. 

Of course, with heritage and tradition come stories. Understanding and telling the stories behind the clothing is deeply important to us, so they might not only become a part of your story but heirlooms for generations to come. 

We hope experiencing KAANJJ will inspire you to create your own stories and precious memories.

Sonal & Karnika Kisnadwala