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Being conscientious about our social and environmental impact has always been intrinsic to the Kisnadwala way of life, so it is only natural this would extend to how we do business. As such, KAANJJ aims to become carbon neutral by planting a seedling for every purchase made with us.  

Furthermore, our packaging is biodegradable and completely plastic free. Any paper communication you may receive from us is made of 100% flaxseed waste from linen factories and 20% cotton waste from textile factories. To learn more, please visit 

Every purchase will contribute to the empowerment and advancement of South Asian women, with a percentage of our net profits going to Childlife Preserve Shishur Sevay, a non-institutional care home for lost and abandoned girls, some with profound disabilities, all of whom have been rejected for adoption. You can learn more about their work here.

Finally, the KANNJJ philosophy of responsibility remains: may the only footprints we leave behind be those we took walking with gratitude towards the world we want to live in.

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