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Styling with KK

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Welcome to "Styling with KK," the personal styling service offered by Karnika, a founder of KAANJJ. With a focus on curating garments from a range of talented Asian designers, we provide a tailored experience that celebrates individuality and personal style.

Customise your wardrobe with sustainable made-to-measure style. Our brands tailor each individual garment for the perfect fit.

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If you want to define your look, expand your wardrobe or find the perfect ensemble for an event or special occasion, absolutely! 

Here at KAANJJ, we can curate outfits designed to accentuate your unique body shape and suit your lifestyle and budget. Our aim is to present you with a fresh perspective on your wardrobe, drawing on exciting new styles you may not have previously considered and, together, to boldly take you out of your fashion comfort zone, inspiring you to unleash your true self-expression and boost your self-confidence. 

Whether it’s a first date with your special someone or an awards ceremony celebrating a career milestone, we can help with styling suggestions hand-picked from the KAANJJ collection. We can also help advise on delivery times as well as any outfit customisation you may need. 

While made-to-order pieces are often associated with higher price points, KAANJJ strives to make these features accessible to every budget, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of customisation without breaking the bank!

We are running a trial of our new, exclusive personal styling option for a limited time only and would love you to be a part of it! 

At no cost, as a token of our appreciation for your interest and support, we are happy to offer this service complimentary to our valued customers. 

From guidance for a special occasion to a complete wardrobe revamp, why not indulge in KAANJJ’s experience, expertise and a new level of personalised fashion to elevate your style?

Though it’s unlikely you won’t be delighted with your KAANJJ selections, we are 100% committed to delivering above and beyond your expectations. If you don’t fall in love with the clothes or accessories we pick out for you, don’t fret! We will gladly make any adjustments or find alternative options to your exact liking before confirming you order.

You can always send us examples of what you are looking for and we will endeavour to find a similar piece, if not the exact one.

KAANJJ is dedicated to helping you look and feel beyond amazing. From budget-friendly to high-end splurges, we are passionate about creating looks tailored specifically for you.

Once a price range has been set, a crucial component of our personal styling service is understanding your style preferences, as well as your goals and needs. We take a little time to learn more about your requirements, routine, body type, colour preferences and personal fashion aesthetic before creating looks from the KAANJJ collection. 

From boho-chic to summery girly dresses, modest festive wears to punk styles or patterns ranging from traditional to eye-popping, KAANJJ can curate a selection of flattering clothing, accessories and footwear.

We can even help with some comfy pyjamas to chill at home. So, whether you're a thrifty shopper or a luxury lover we are committed to providing you with the knowledge and confidence to make fashion choices that align with your needs.

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity and experience the personalised attention and expertise the KAANJJ touch provides. To do so:

  1. Book a free consultation with Karnika on Calendly: Start by scheduling a 30-minute virtual styling consultation meeting with Karnika. This initial step is crucial to kickstart your personalised styling experience.
  2. Receive your meeting link: After booking your consultation, we'll provide you with a convenient Google Meet or Zoom meeting link. This link will be specific to the date and time you selected in Calendly, ensuring a seamless connection.
  3. Share your images and preferences: To make the most of your consultation, you have the option to send us some images prior to the session. If you prefer, you can also share your screen during the process. This will help us to understand your style needs and begin assisting you effectively.
  4. Extended session availability: We understand that some styling consultations may require more time. If we don't finish within the 30-minute timeframe, don't worry! We can easily arrange a follow-up session and provide you with options for our availability within the next 24 hours.

We're excited to work with you and help you discover your unique style.

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About Karnika

Karnika, one of the founders of KAANJJ, is deeply knowledgeable and passionate about sustainable fashion, style and current trends. Growing up in Hong Kong and London, her mother's love for art and fashion influenced her own enchantment with these worlds. Karnika's international background has greatly influenced the collection, blending diverse styles and tastes while paying homage to South Asian art, culture, tradition, and heritage.

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