Our Story

Being a mother-daughter duo, many things have bonded us.

One is heritage. Another is our enduring passion for art and fashion. All ignited a desire to share our love of original, beautiful artisanal fabrics and clothing, which we hope will become heirlooms for generations to come.

Life has taken us from Mumbai to Hong Kong, New York and now London, instilling in us an understanding of the cosmopolitan tastes of the global community.

That’s a large part of how the KAANJJ collection effortlessly weaves together history, tradition and contemporary trends to create a collection that embodies timeless, captivating beauty.

Our approach involves focusing on local artisans' traditional arts and crafts methods, producing clothes using the same intricate techniques as their ancient ancestors. These manufacturing skills, such as methods of designing, weaving, embroidering and embellishing gorgeous silks, cotton and other traditional fabrics, are passed down through generations.

At KANNJJ, supporting original artisans and their art means indulging in the stories behind each item. Like us, we hope you'll create your own stories and precious memories through the KAANJJ clothes you'll be blissfully draped in.

We are not only proud to present these hidden gems from the East, but committed to looking beyond labels to the aesthetic and true quality of every piece of fabric.

We invite you to join us in our journey of rediscovery and celebration of exceptional traditional craftsmanship.

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