Sahasrara Blue Lehenga Set


Sahasrara ~ Thousand-Petalled Lotus, Brahmarandhra (the door to God) or the Centre of a Million Rays Chanderi Tissue Ensemble ~ In the fabric of life, time is a sublimely intricate embellishment. It passes in circular motions returning moments of joy and sadness with each of its steady movements. To tread the unlevelled ground of experience – marked with each individual’s tailored highs and lows that are designed by divinity itself – one seeks peace and comfort with their inner self. In my journey, I found this through the Mandalas so potently centred in the texts and faith of Buddhism and Hinduism. Inspired by this spiritual guidance that affords an unending sense of calm and comfort, this chanderi tissue ensemble hosts a reimagination of the intricately designed Mandalas. And, its jharokha-like border in pitta jaal is the placement of this design in the setting of my culture.

Colours: Blue | Metallics
Material: Handwoven Silk