Kalai Ikat Dress

A Minimalist silhouette with a dash of maximalism.

It features a line shape & modish round neck with rouleau button fastening at the back.
Slight irregularities in weave speak to the hand processes involved.

Ikat is a method for colouring fabric in patterns by resist dyeing. The pattern is not applied to the surface of a finished fabric, nor is it woven into the fabric structurally. Instead, parts of the yarns for the warp and/or weft are protected with a resist before dyeing to create an unmistakable and instantly recognisable feathering weave on the loom. Ikat is laborious and difficult work mastered by artisans over decades of practice. Handwoven ikat is one of the most valuable weaving techniques in the world.
Colour: Yellow
Materials: Silk | Cotton Ikat