DHYANA ~ Contemplation and Meditation
Inspiration ~ Lovingly crafted with Pure Silver threads, this intricately designed Pale Peach Lehenga is inspired by my inheritance (a traditionally designed necklace that had been a family heirloom passed on for several generations) – the piece that was promised to me on my wedding day by my grandmother. My grandmother had to bid an arduous farewell to the necklace to satiate the requirements of unforeseeable circumstances and my inheritance was instead, the art that was nurtured by the stories my grandmother narrated while I was growing up. Just as evocative and layered were the stories my grandmother told me as a child, so is this garment carefully curated with meticulous handiwork – from the filling to the Zari – each distinct facet is crafted dexterously with a touch of memories and a dash of magic.

Inspired by the gift that stays in my memory, this ensemble– purest Mulberry Silk Satin – is an extension of the necklace. The neckline of its blouse is intricately embroidered with the faint memory of the design of my inheritance.

Colour: Pink
Material: Mulberry Silk