Dharana Sari


An Extended Heirloom
Growing up as a Rajput royal meant being privy to frequent discussions about ancestral heirlooms. However, the priceless heirlooms I received had a more distinct definition.
My grandmother – aside from being a riveting storyteller – is a woman of steady determination. She saw the family through some trying times and during this phase she had to bid farewell to most treasured pieces that each had their rich past having journeyed through the ancestral tree. The one she held onto for the longest (and was the hardest for her to part with) was the one I was meant to receive on my wedding day. The loss of this piece was made up and more with the rich stories I was told growing up that coloured my vivid imagination. I inherited instead of the prized jewellery, my grandmother’s abundant craft.
Inspired by the gift that stays in my memory, this saree – purest Mulberry Silk Satin – is an extension of the Necklace. The neckline of its blouse is intricately embroidered with the faint memory of the design of my inheritance.

Colour: Pink
Material: Mulberry Silk